Details of my great great great grandparents, Edward Puleston (1757-1828) and his wife Jane Jones (1759-1834)

My great great great grandfather, Edward Puleston, was the son of John Puleston and his wife Margaret (nee Edwards) of Pentre Coch, Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd, near Ruthin, Denbighshire, Wales. He was baptised at Llanfair DC on 15 June 1757:


Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd Parish Church 

Edward's banns of marriage were published in August 1780:


On 21 August 1780, in the Parish Church at Llanfair DC, he married Jane Jones, by banns. The witnesses were Thomas and William Jones:


Jane was the daughter of William and Jane Jones of Ty Isa, Faenol, near Llysfasi, Llanfair DC and was baptised at Llanfair DC on 21 July 1759. Jane also had an elder brother William. She was the second daughter of William and Jane Jones to be christened Jane - the first was baptised in Llanfair DC on 22 April 1758 and was buried there on 4 May 1758.


Edward and Jane Puleston had 9 sons (of whom 5 died in infancy) and 4 daughters:

  • John, baptised in Llanfair DC on 4 May 1781 and buried there on 23 August of that year.
  • Another John, baptised in Llanfair DC on 17 May 1782 and buried there 2 days later on 19 May:
  • Jane, baptised in Llanfair DC on 14 May 1783. She married William Williams (a farmer from Llanferres) on 25 January 1812 in Llanfair DC by licence, the witnesses being John Williams and Edward Jones.

  • John (my great great grandfather), baptised in Llanfair DC on 1 February 1786.
  • Margaret, baptised in Llanfair DC on 16 April 1788. On 13 November 1822, she married Richard Powell of Llanfair DC in the parish church.
  • William, baptised in Llanfair DC on 7 August 1791 and buried there on 23 July 1802.
  • Edward, baptised in Llanfair DC on 5 February 1794. On 3 March 1822, in St Katherine Creechurch, London, he married Susannah Hughes - they had 2 children, Susannah (baptised on 6 March 1825 at St Martin's in the Fields, Trafalgar Square, London and buried on 2 January 1851 at St Paul's, Covent Garden, London) and Jane (baptised on 6 March 1825 at St Martin's in the Fields and buried on 2 June 1825 at Bunhill Fields in the City of London). Edward was also buried at Bunhill Fields, a month later on 3 July 1825. 

  • Richard, baptised and buried in Llanfair DC on 10 September 1797.
  • Thomas, baptised in Llanfair DC on 26 September 1798. In 1824, at St George's Church, Bloomsbury, London, he married Mary Stalker (nee Costerphine), a widow. They had a son called Edward (baptised on 6 February 1825 at St Mary's. Holborn, London, married Caroline Cockshott, daughter of William George Cockshott at St Peter's Islington, London on 25 December 1858 - Edward died 2 May 1897 at Wandsworth, London and Caroline died on 17 August 1911 at Leigh-on-Sea, Essex). Thomas was a Master Cheesemonger. He died on 28 April 1846 in Grove Hall, Goswell Road, Bow, Middlesex and on 30 April 1846 was buried in St Giles in the Fields.  His widow Mary died on 13 February 1857 at 175 Friargate, Preston, Lancashire.

  • Mary, baptised in Llanfair DC in 1800, buried there on 15 July 1859.
  • Henry, baptised in Llanfair DC in 1800, buried there on 12 December 1829, died at Pentre Coch, Garthgynan, Llanfair DC.
  • Another William, baptised in Llanfair DC on 21 July 1802 and buried there 2 days later on 23 July,
  • Sarah, baptised in Llanfair DC on 21 January 1804 and married there on 18 October 1830 to John Littler, a farmer from Tremeirchion, Flintshire, who was buried in Llanfair DC on 19 June 1832. On 3 February 1838, in Llanfair DC, Sarah married Robert Jones, husbandman, son of John Jones.

Edward was a farmer. One of his sons used to ride through the streets of Ruthin on a fair day shouting "Make way for the squire of Pentre Coch" to give him room to swagger.

Edward died in February 1828 at Pentre Coch and was buried at Llanfair DC on 28 February 1828:



Edward's will, signed on 6 April 1826 in the presence of Edward Jones (Flaxdresser, Ruthin), John Phillips (Bookbinder, Ruthin) and D Evans (Clerk to W Clough, Ruthin), is now in the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth (Ref B/1828/189). It appointed Edward Jones of Graig, Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd, Gentleman and John Jones of Tynycelyn, Llanfwrog, Farmer as Executors and Trustees of the will.

Edward's wife Jane was left a life interest in Edward's "several messuages, burgages and dwellinghouses" called Crispin, Clwyd Street, Ruthin, Denbighshire, unless and until she remarried (in which case she would receive "a Feather Bed, Bedstead and Bedclothes only"). After Jane's death or remarriage, that property was left to Edward's sons John and Henry equally as tenants in common.

The Trustees were instructed by Edward's will to sell his 2 houses in New Street, Mold, Denbighshire and, out of the proceeds, pay £50 to Edward's grandson Edward (the eldest son of Edward's son Thomas) when he reached 21 and £50 to Susan Puleston, daughter of Edward's late son Edward, when she reached 21 or married, whichever happened first. In the meantime, the interest was to be used for their education and maintenance. If either of them died before becoming 21 (or, in Susan's case, marrying), their £50 was to be paid to Edward's son Thomas. The remainder of the proceeds of sale was to be paid to Thomas.

Before making his will, Edward had lent his son John £100 against a promissory note signed by John in Edward's favour. The will released John from that £100 debt.

Edward gave his daughter Sarah £100 and "a Feather bed, Bedstead and Clothing, an Eight Day Clock and case now in my Bed room and my oak chest in the same Room close to the said Clock".

Edward gave the interest on £100 to his daughter Margaret, "the wife of Richard Powell", for the rest of her life, after which the £100 was to be divided equally between her children when they became 21 (interest in the meantime to be used to educate and maintain them). If Margaret died childless, the £100 was to go to Edward's son Henry.

Edward gave £10 to his daughter Jane, "the wife of William Williams" and gave "my Friends and Trustees Edward Jones and John Jones" £5 each.

The will gave the rest of Edward's estate to his son Henry.


Inventory of Edward's household furniture and other effects, 1828 

Edward's will was proved on 15 July 1828 by only one of the appointed executors, John Jones of Ty'n y Celyn, Llanfwrog, Ruthin. John Jones produced an inventory of Edward's household furniture and other effects, as follows:      


   £    s    d

Kitchen furniture

   4    0    0

Parlour furniture

   5    0    0

Room above furniture

   4    0    0

Room above kitchen furniture

   2    0    0


   2   10   0


   5    5    0

3 Horses

 30    0    0

1 filly

   5    0    0

Horse Gearing Do

   3    0    0

5 Cows

  35   0    0

1 Waggon

  15   0    0

2 Carts

  10   0    0

2 Plows

   1    0    0

2 Harrows

       15   0

2 Calfs

   2    0    0


   2    0    0

1 Land ?oler

   1    0    0

4 Pigs

   2    0    0


   1   10   0

60 Sheep

  18    0   0


149 10   0

Money out at interest on Paramount Security, but which the Executor is apprehensive may prove irrecoverable


200   0    0


349 10   0

Edward's widow Jane was buried in Llanfair DC on 8 February 1834.               


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