Details of my great great great great grandparents, John Puleston and Margaret Edwards

John Puleston was the son of Thomas Puleston, of Llansanffraid Glyn Ceiriog, Denbighshire, Wales and his wife, Catherine verch Williams. He was born in the 1720s.

Sir Watkin Williams Wynn let a farm called Pentre Coch, at Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd, Denbighshire to John Puleston at a nominal rent, the agreement stating that the Pulestons were to regard the buildings as their own freehold and that there would be no increase in the rent as long as any of the Pulestons lived there.

On 16 January 1748, John (then living at Llanarmon) married in the Parish Church of Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd Margaret Edwards, spinster of that Parish:


John and Margaret had 4 sons:
  • Thomas, who was baptised in Llanfair DC, son of John Puleston (farmer) and Margaret, Llainwen Derwen, on 10 August 1751. Thomas was a farmer and, on 17 February 1776, he married Mary Parry, daughter of William Parry, in Efenechtyd, or Evenechtid. They had one son, John, who was baptised in Llanfair DC on 18 January 1777, died in Signet Ucha, Llanfair DC and was buried on 26 February 1777 in Llanfair DC. Thomas died in Signet Ucha, Garthgynan, Llanfair DC and was buried in Llanfair DC on 13 January 1778.

Thomas's will, dated 29 December 1777 (now in the National Library of Wales, Aberystwth under reference no. B/1778/146) describes Thomas as a yeoman, of Signet Ucha, Llanfair DC and recites that, on 16 February 1776, Articles of Marriage were entered into between:

    • Margaret Puleston of Pentre Coch, Llanfair DC, widow of John Puleston, yeoman, and Thomas Puleston, yeoman, one of their sons
    • Mary Parry of Pentre Evenechtid in the Parish of Evenechtid, Denbighshire, spinster (one of the daughters of William Parry, late of Pwllcallog [sic, but I am told that the correct spelling is Pwllcallod] in the parish of Evenechtid, farmer)
    • Robert Parry of Ty Tan y Ffos in the Parish of Evenechtid, Carpenter, and Robert Roberts of Bryn y Fynnon in the Parish of Llanfwrog, Denbighshire, yeoman.

The Articles of Marriage stipulated that Mary's "Marriage Portion" was to be £80, £30 of which was to be invested by Mary Parry and Robert Parry, with the interest earned being paid to Mary during her lifetime. Margaret Puleston paid a Marriage Portion of £80 for her son Thomas. The next day, on 17 February 1776, Thomas and Mary married.  

By his will, signed by Thomas with his mark (indicating either that he could not write or that he was too infirm to sign his name) and witnessed by John Phillips, Joseph Jones and (also by his mark) Morris Williams, and proved by his widow Mary as sole Executrix on 21 September 1778, Thomas left all his "wordly goods and effects" to his beloved wife, requesting that, if she remarried and had one or more children by another husband, Mary should leave whatever remained and whatever she pleased to those children. No Inventory of Thomas's possessions was exhibited with the will.

On 23 September 1778, Thomas's widow Mary married John Lloyd of Llanfair DC by licence in Llanfair DC.

  • John, baptised in Llanfair DC, the son of John and Margaret, Llainwen Derwen, on 5 July 1754. He was a farmer. On 6 August 1779, he married in Llanfair DC Mary Jones, also of Llanfair DC - the witnesses were Richard Jones and Evan Jones. 

They had 3 children:

    • Elizabeth, baptised in Llanfair DC on 4 April 1780. She was a domestic servant. She died on 14 January 1863 at Tyn-Ryn, Nerquis, near Mold, Flintshire and was buried at Nerquis on 17 January 1863.
    • John, baptised at Llanfair DC on 19 February 1782. He was a journeyman wheelwright. On 21 May 1810, he married Mary Jones in Llanbedr DC, Denbighshire. They had 9 children:
      • Martha, baptised in Llanfair DC on 20 April 1811. On 28 December 1840, she married William Williams, labourer, son of Samuel Williams, in Nerquis chapel.
      • Mary, born in Pentre-Cyhrlyn, Derwen, Llanfair DC, baptised in Llanfair DC on 17 June 1813. On 11 May 1839, she married in Llanfair DC Thomas Davies, miner, of Mold, son of Thomas Davies.
      • Margaret. On 22 February 1841, in Liverpool Parish Church, Lancashire, she married Thomas Anwyll, carter, son of Thomas Anwyll. 
      • Elizabeth. On 7 July 1839, in Liverpool Parish Church, she married John Mottram, carter, son of William Mottram.
      • Harriet, born in Pentre Methiant, Garthgynan, Llanfair DC, baptised on 21 February 1819 in Llanfair DC. On 30 November 1844, in Northrop Parish Church, Flintshire, she married Gabriel Edwards, labourer, son of Edward Edwards.
      • Grace, born in Pentre Methiant, baptised on 14 October 1821 in Llanfair DC.
      • John, born in Pentre Methiant, baptised on 24 April 1824 in Llanfair DC. On 7 March 1855, he married Susannah Evans, daughter of Thomas Evans, in St Anne's Church, Richmond, Liverpool. He was a labourer and died on 5 January 1875 at 40 Duncan Street, Liverpool. She died on 5 December 1883 in Mount Street, Flint, Flintshire.
      • William, born in Pentre Methiant, baptised on 1 April 1827 in Llanfair DC. His occupation was Marine Fireman, Merchant Service. On 2 September 1850, he married Mary Ann Hewson, daughter of Gabriel Hewson, in St Nicholas's Parish Church, Liverpool. They had 6 children. Mary died on 15 August 1874 at 20 Matthew Street, Bootle, Lancashire. On 6 December 1874, in St Nicholas's Parish Church, Liverpool, William married again, to Margaret Tipton (who died on 15 July 1912 at 4 Hadley Hollow, Hadley, Shropshire), daughter of Edward Tipton. William died on 22 November 1880 at 217 Upper Frederick Street, Liverpool.
      • Jane, born in Pentre Methiant, baptised on 15 August 1830 at Llanfair DC, buried on 28 August 1832 at Llanfair DC.

John's wife Mary died on 11 July 1847 in their house near the Three Pigeons, Llanfair DC and was buried in Llanfair DC on 15 July 1847. John died on 8 December 1860 in Gwern-y-Mynydd, Mold and was buried in Llanfair DC on 13 December 1860.

    • William, baptised in Llanfair DC on 9 June 1784, died in Rhos Street, Ruthin, Denbighshire and buried in Llanfair DC on 8 December 1818.

John was buried in Llanfair DC on 19 May 1784.

  • Edward, my great great great grandfather, baptised in Llanfair DC, the son of John and Margaret, on 15 June 1757.
  • William, baptised in Llanfair DC, the son of John and Margaret, Derwen, on 10 October 1760. He was buried in Llanfair DC on 29 January 1770.


John Puleston, of Garthgynan, was buried in Llanfair DC on 25 April 1772.


His will (now in the National Library of Wales, B/1773/143) was proved on 2 August 1773, but the probate of the will (granted to Robert Roberts) notes that no inventory was exhibited.

The will, executed on 25 March 1772, describes him as "John Pulestone of Pentre Coch in the parish of Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd in the county of Denbigh, farmer, being sick and weak in body". The will left 20 shillings to each of his surviving sons, Thomas, John and Edward. Edward was also left "the further sum of five pounds due after my decease from the Club of Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd for to place him out an apprentice to some trade as my executors... shall approve".

John's will left the rest of his personal estate to his wife Margaret for life so long as she did not remarry. If she did remarry, she was to be paid "five pounds only and no more", and the residue was to go to his sons as they reached 21. The will appointed Hugh Hughes of Llainwen in Llanfair DC, gentleman and Robert Roberts of Pentre Coch in Llanfair DC, farmer, as joint executors. It was signed with John Puleston's mark (indicating either that he was very sick or could not write) in the presence of John Price of Capel and Simon Price of Craig Wyllt.

John's widow, Margaret "Pulestone", was buried in Llanfair DC on 9 May 1793.    

John Puleston is probably:

  • the J Puleston commemorated by an inscription on a bell in Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd Parish Church: "J Puleston Church Warden 1743"
  • the John Puleston who paid Church Rates on Derwen, Faenol, Llainwen, Fron Issa and Pentre Coch (all in the parish of Llanfair DC) from 1751 to 1760
  • the John Puleston who signed the Vestry Minutes at Llanfair DC from 1765 to 1767 and
  • the John Puleston who was Overseer of the Poor in 1769.              


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