Details of my 6 times great grandfather, Thomas Puleston of Lightwood Green, Overton, Flintshire

Thomas was the son of Richard Puleston of Lightwood Green, part of the Parish of Overton, Flintshire. He was baptised in Overton Church on 26 May 1660.

 Overton Parish Church

He presumably married about 1684, as the Overton Parish registers record the baptism of his first child on 6 January 1685. Thomas must have married outside Overton, as there is no record of his marriage in Overton Parish registers.

Thomas and his wife had 6 children, all baptised in Overton:

  • Richard, on 6 January 1685
  • another Richard, on 10 February 1686 and later married to Abigail Oatnell (or Ottnell) - the first Richard must have died before then, although his burial is not recorded in Overton Parish registers. Richard and Abigail had 5 children (all baptised at Prees) - Richard (20 April 1710, married Anne and had 2 children, Elizabeth and Mary, also baptised at Prees), Samuel (1 May 1711), Elizabeth (8 March 1717), Mary (10 March 1721) and Abigail (28 March 1726 - on 7 July 1748, she married Richard Jones at Wem)
  • my 5 times great grandfather Thomas Puleston, on 3 January 1687
  • Robert, on 20 November 1690. He married Kathleen Kendrick of Pickhill at Bangor on Dee church in 1711 and was buried in Bangor on 5 October 1763. His widow was buried there on 25 November 1783. They had eight children (all baptised in Bangor) - Thomas (1712 - he had 8 children, all baptised at Bangor - John, Charles, Thomas, Mary, James, another Mary, Elizabeth and Catherine), Anne (1715), Robert (1720, buried at Bangor 13 October 1727), Catherine, Eleanor (1721), Mary (1723, buried at Bangor 12 May 1724), James (1725 - he had 4 sons, Robert, James, Edward and another Edward) and Robert (1727).
  • Mary, on 21 November 1693 and
  • Jane, on 15 April 1696.

Thomas was buried in Overton on 28 February 1704, as shown by this Bishop's transcript for the Diocese of Chester: 


Was his wife the "Isabel Puleston of Bangor" who was buried at Overton on 14 June 1710? I have found no other likely record.


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