Details of my 7 times great grandfather, Richard Puleston, of Lightwood Green, Overton, Flintshire

My 7 times great grandfather, Richard Puleston, was the son of Edward Puleston and his wife Dorothy Rogers of Pickhill, Denbighshire.

Pickhill Hall

He must have married about 1659 (but there is no record in Overton's surviving Parish Registers, which start in 1660), as he had 8 children, all baptised in Overton Parish Church (in whose registers he is described as Richard Puleston of Lightwood Green or of Overton Foreign, both part of the Parish of Overton):

  • my 6 times great grandfather Thomas, baptised on 26 May 1660
  • Mary, baptised on 20 July 1662, married John Cotton of Hampton on 6 October 1679
  • Richard, baptised on 4 March 1664 and buried in Overton on 25 December 1665
  • Susannah, baptised on 13 November 1666
  • Roger - there is no record of his baptism, but he was buried in Overton on 4 August 1669
  • Katherine, baptised on 15 October 1670
  • Edward, baptised on 7 March 1674 - Edward "Puilston" was buried in Overton on 8 May 1675
  • Elizabeth, baptised on 10 May 1676.

Richard Puleston was buried in Overton on 13 February 1678: 

I can find no record of the burial of his widow there.


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