Details of my 8 times great grandparents, Edward Puleston and Dorothy Rogers of Pickhill, Denbighshire

Edward Puleston was the son of Richard Puleston and his wife Catherine.

Edward married Dorothy Rogers, daughter of John Rogers of Pickhill, Denbighshire.

They had 7 children:

  • John, who married Mary, by whom he had a son Richard
  • Roger Puleston of Willingdon, who married Akice and was buried at Worthenbury on 7 March 1670 - his will was dated 20 September 1669. They had 5 children (all baptised at Worthenbury) - Roger (1634/5), Susan (December 1637 - in 1661, she married Peter Woodward of Chester), Elizabeth (1641 - on 28 February 1662, she was married at Worthenbury to William Ffarrell of Charlton), Thomas (September 1646) and John (18 June 1652 - he married Jane, moved to the Wern and founded that branch of the Pulestons. He was buried at Worthenbury on 1 October 1693. His will was dated 14 July 1692)
  • Thomas Puleston of Pickhill
  • my 7 times great grandfather, Richard Puleston

  • Mary, who married John Llewellyn
  • Catherine, who married Roger Edwards of Wiggint, and
  • Ellen, who married Humphrey ap John ap Edward of Pickhill.

The National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth holds in the Harold T Elwes collection of manuscripts a document (no. 797) in Latin and English dated 8 January 1641/2 between (1) John Llewelyn of Bangor, co. Flint, yeoman and (2) Edward Puleston of Pickhill, co. Denbigh, gentleman. It is described in the index as a bond for the performance of covenants of the same date.

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