Details of my 9 times great grandparents Richard Puleston and his wife Catherine

My 9 times great grandfather, Richard Puleston, was the son of Philip Puleston of Emral, Worthenbury, Flintshire and his wife Ellen, daughter of David ap Rhys ap David of Bradenheath, near Overton, Flintshire and widow of Roger Griffith.

Richard married Catherine (or Katherine), daughter and heir of Robert ap Dafydd, of Overton. They lived at Bradenheath.

The magnificent banqueting hall at Emral Hall. When the house was demolished in 1936, the banqueting hall, including the Hercules ceiling, panelling, doors and and windows, was bought by the architect Clough Williams-Ellis, who re-erected the banqueting hall in the Town Hall of his Italianate village of Portmeirion, Merionethshire.

The National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth holds the following original manuscript documents to which Richard was a party:

  • document number DJ7 of the Peniarth estate manuscripts - a Feoffment to Uses dated 20 September 1561 between (1) Gruffydd ap Rice of Wilynton, co. Flint, yeoman and (2) Richard Puleston, son of Philip Puleston deceased. It relates to all the messuages and lands which Gruffydd ap Rice lately held with Thomas Owen, gentleman, deceased by a deed of feoffment from the said Philip Puleston and Ellen verch David, his wife, dated 7 September 1561 in the parishes of Worthenbury and Hanmer
  •  document number 245 of the Harold T Elwes collection of manuscripts - a grant to the use of Edward Eyton and his heirs of all lands in the town of Seswick, the lordship of Bromfield purchased by Roger ap Eyton from John ap Howell ap Llewelyn. The document, which is in Latin, is dated 18 January 1574/5 and was between (1) Edward Eyton of Halghton, co. Flint, gentleman and (2) William Johnson (son of Richard Johnson, late of Worthenbury, yeoman, deceased), George Lloyd, Philip Lloyd and Humphrey Lloyd (sons of John Lloyd, late of Overton Madock, gentleman, deceased), John Puleston, Richard Puleston, Thomas Puleston and Roger Puleston (sons of Richard Puleston of Overton Madock, gentleman), John ap Robert ap Ellis, David ap Robert ap Ellis and Richard ap Robert ap Ellis (sons of Robert ap Ellis of Overton, gentleman)

  • document number 1317 of the Puleston Manuscripts - a grant in tail male of lands in Overton and Bangor dated 7 November 1585 between (1) Katrina Puleston, widow of Richard Puleston of Overton Foreign and (2) Roger Puleston junior, son of Sir Roger Puleston of Emrall. The document, which is in Latin, also mentions Thomas Puleston of Overton Foreign, gentleman, and Richard Puleston, Thomas Puleston, Roger Puleston (brother of Thomas?) and Edward Puleston (brother of Roger?)

  • document number 330 of the Harold T Elwes collection of manuscripts - a quitclaim of certain properties dated 12 July 1593 between (1) Katherin Puleston, widow of Richard Puleston late of Overton Foreign, gentleman and (2) William Dee of Worthenbury, yeoman.

Richard and Catherine Puleston had 7 children:

  • John Puleston of Bradenheath, who was living in 1609, married Ermine, daughter and heir of Robert ap Madoc of Pickhill, and died in 1651 - they had 7 children (all but one of which, Thomas, died without issue). Through this marriage, and Ermine's inheritance, the Pickhill Hall estate came into the Puleston family, who continued to own it until it was sold in 1801, after the death of the Rev Philip Puleston, DD, of Pickhill Hall.
  • Richard Puleston of Wallington, who died without issue

  • Thomas, who died without issue

  • Roger, who died without issue

  • my 8 times great grandfather Edward Puleston

  • Catherine, who married John ap Jenkin of Althrey, and

  • Mary, who married Thomas ap Edward of Yr Wyddefed, Ruabon, Denbighshire.


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