Traces the male line of Puleston ancestry from our grandchildren Rosemary, Sam, Poppy and Edgar Puleston Jones back 26 generations and almost 870 years to Hamo de Pyvelesdon in 1150 

1. Hamo de Pyvelesdon                         

living 1150, Newport, Shropshire - King's Recognitor in the Chesswell trial, 1191

d. after 1200


2. Sir Roger de Pyvelesdon

living 1190 and 1225


3. Sir Richard de Pyvelesdon, Pyvelesdon (now Puleston), Shropshire

b. 1180?

living 1225


4. Sir Roger de Pyvelesdon

b. 1205? Pyvelesdon

m. Agnes Monthermer b 1209?
Appointed (Deputy) Sheriff of Shropshire in 1242

d. 1272


5. Sir Roger de Pyvelesdon

b. 1229? Pyvelesdon

m. Agnes le Clerk, daughter of David le Clerk, Baron of Malpas and Angharad, his wife

Given Emral by King Edward I in 1283

Appointed in 1284 by King Edward I as the first Sheriff of Anglesey and as Constable of Caernarfon Castle and in 1293 to collect taxes for the French wars

d. September 1294 (lynched in Caernarfon by the Welsh objecting to those taxes)


6. Sir Richard de Pyvelesdon

b. 1269?

m. Agnes Warren, daughter of Sir William (or Griffith) Warren of Warren Hall, Salop


7. Sir Roger de Pyvelesdon

b. 1300? Emral

m. Margaret, daughter of Llewelyn ap Ynyr, Lord of Gelligynan in Yale

d. 1340?


8. Richard de Pyvelesdon

b. about 1330, Emral

m. Lucy/Lleuki/Lleucu, daughter of Madoc Foel ap Ieuan of Eglwysegle and his wife, Angharad, daughter of Dafydd Hen

d. 1389?


9. Robert Puleston, Emral

b. 1358?

m. 1380? Lowri (b 1360?), daughter of Gruffudd Fychan, Lord of Glyndwfrdwy

Imprisoned in the Tower of London, and forfeited Emral, for supporting the rebellion of his brother in law, Owain Glyndwr. Through Lowri, I am descended from the ancient Welsh Princes

d. 1403?


10. John Puleston, Emral

b. 138[0/4]?

m. Angharad, daughter of Griffith Hanmer of Hanmer, Flintshire

Appointed Deputy Constable of Denbigh Castle

d. 1444


11. Sir Roger Puleston, Emral

b. 1426?

m. (as his 2nd wife) Janet, daughter of Thomas Bulkeley of Eaton, Cheshire

Appointed a sub earl of Flint in 1461 and Governor of Denbigh Castle in 1470

d. 10 April 1479

Through Janet, I am descended from William the Conqueror and other English kings


12. Philip Puleston (2nd son)

m. Ellen, daughter of Dafydd ap Rhys ap Dafydd of Bradenheath, near Overton-on Dee


13. Richard Puleston, Pickhill, near Worthenbury, Flintshire

m. Catherine, daughter of Robin ap Dafydd of Overton


14. Edward Puleston, Pickhill

m. Dorothy, daughter of John Rogers of Pickhill


15. Richard Puleston, Lightwood Green, Overton, Flintshire

buried 13 February 1678, Overton


16. Thomas Puleston, Overton

baptised 26 May 1660, Overton 

buried 28 February 1704, Overton


17. Thomas Puleston, Overton

baptised 3 January 1687, Overton

m. Catherine ych Williams

buried 27 April 1730


18. John Puleston, farmer, Llansanffraid Glyn Ceiriog, Denbighshire

b. 1720s

m. 16 January 1749, Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd, Denbighshire, Margaret Edwards (died 1793, buried 7 May 1793)

d. Pentre Coch, Garth, Llanfair DC

buried 25 April 1772, Llanfair DC


19. Edward Puleston, farmer

baptised 15 June 1757, Llanfair DC

m. 21 August 1780, Llanfair DC, Jane Jones (of Llysfasi, Llanfair DC, died 1834, Pentre Coch, Llanfair DC, buried 8 February 1834, Llanfair DC)

d. February 1828, Pentre Coch, Garth, Llanfair DC

buried 28 February 1828, Llanfair DC


20. John Puleston, farmer

b. January 1786, Garth, Llanfair DC

baptised 1 February 1786, Llanfair DC

m. 25 July 1826 in Treuddyn Mary Jones (born 14 October 1790, daughter of John and Anne Jones of Ffrith Farm, Treuddyn, near Mold, died 20 December 1867 at London House, Bala, Merionethshire, buried 24 December 1867 in the churchyard of St Cynfarch and St Mary Church, Llanfair DC)

d. 1 March 1850 at Plasnewydd, Llanfair DC

buried 6 March 1850 in that churchyard at Llanfair DC


The above John and Mary Puleston had four children, including Edward Puleston (see 21a below) and Mary Ann Puleston (see 21b below)


21a Edward Puleston, farmer                         

b. 15 May 1834, Plasnewydd                                                                

baptised 3 June 1834, Llanfair DC                  

m. 18 June 1858, in the parish church of Llanarmon-yn-Ial, near Ruthin, Denbighshire, Jane Francis (born 1 February 1833, daughter of Thomas Francis, farmer, and Sarah Francis of Maes-y-llan, Llanarmon-yn-Ial, died 22 January 1922. Alva, Wyoming, USA)                        

Emigrated 1859 to Nekimi, Winnebago County, Wisconsin, USA,  returned to Wales 1860/1, emigrated 1869 to Arvonia, Osage County, Kansas, USA, left Arvonia in 1887, living Current Township, Texas County, Missouri from 1898 to (in Edward's case) his death in 1903 and (in Jane's case) until early 1910
d. 25 July 1903, Current Township, Texas County, Missouri, USA, age 69 

buried in nearby Antioch/Dewitt Cemetery, Texas County 


21b. Edward's only sister was Mary Ann Puleston

b. 21 October 1831, Plasnewydd

baptised 23 October 1831, Llanfair DC

m. 26 March 1861, English Independent Church, Ruthin, Evan Jones, Builder, Auctioneer, Contractor, Farmer, Justice of the Peace, Alderman, of High Street, Bala, Merionethshire (born 1 February 1830, Bala, son of Robert Jones, Builder, and his wife Jane Jones of High St, Bala, died 23 December 1909, Bodrenig, Arenig, near Bala, buried Christ Church churchyard, Bala )

d. 18 July 1918, Bodrenig, Arenig, near Bala, age 86

buried 20 July 1918, Christ Church churchyard, Bala    


Edward and Jane Puleston (see 21a above) had 3 daughters, the youngest of which was Fanny Jane Puleston (see 22a below)                                                                  


22a Fanny Jane Puleston, schoolteacher, photographer                                                            

b. 10 August 1864, The Berth, Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd, Denbighshire

baptised 28 August 1864, Llanbedr DC

m. in Platte County, Missouri, USA in February 1889 her first cousin Robert Lloyd Jones (see 22b below)

d. 22 June 1909, Mount Place, Bala, age 44  

buried 26 June 1909 in Llanycil parish, probably in Christ Church, Bala                                                    


Evan and Mary Ann Jones (see 21b above) had 8 children, the second being Robert Lloyd Jones (see 22b below).


22b. Robert Lloyd Jones, architect, builder, surveyor, auctioneer, civil engineer

b. 28 August 1863, Tremaran, Tegid Street, Bala

m. in Platte County, Missouri, USA in February 1889 his first cousin Fanny Jane Puleston (see 22a above)

d. March 1918, Fairbourne, Merioneth, age 54

buried 15 March 1918 in Llanycil parish, probably in Christ Church, Bala


23. Iago Oliver Puleston Jones

b. 11 August 1907, Mount Place, Bala

m. Elizabeth Ann xxxxxxxx, daughter of Thomas John xxxxxxxx, farmer and Margaret Ann xxxxxxxx

d. 2 March 1971, Copthorne Hospital, Shrewsbury (then living at Emral, Cilcewydd, Welshpool)

buried Maesgwastad Cemetery, Welshpool


24. Haydn Puleston Jones m. Susan Elizabeth xxxxxxxx, daughter of Lieutenant Commander George xxxxxxxx, RN and Betty xxxxxxxxxxxx


Haydn and Sue Puleston Jones have 2 sons:


25a. Simon Puleston Jones m.

first, Stephanie Alexandra xxxxxxxxxxxxx, daughter of Paul xxxxxxxxxxx and Sandra xxxxxxxxxxxxx

secondly, Renae Corinne xxxxxxxxxxxxx, daughter of Duane  xxxxxxxxxxxxx and Carol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

25b. Nicholas Puleston Jones m. Lucy xxxxxxxxxx, daughter of Kenneth xxxxxxxx and Susan xxxxxxxxxx 

26a. Rosemary Alexandra Puleston Jones and Samuel Benjamin Puleston Jones, the children of Simon and Stephanie  

26b. Poppy Puleston Jones, the daughter of Nick and Lucy

26c. Edgar Haydn Puleston Jones, the son of Simon and Renae 



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