Details of my 12 times great grandfather, Sir John Puleston of Emral, Worthenbury, Flintshire and his wife Angharad Hanmer

My 12 times great grandfather, John Puleston, was the eldest son of Robert Puleston of Emral and Lowri, daughter of Griffith Vychan and sister of Owain Glyndwr, Prince of Wales. He was born at Emral.

He married Angharad, daughter of neighbouring landowner Griffith Hanmer of Hanmer, Flintshire and his wife Gwerfyl (daughter of Tudor ap Grono, a great great grandfather of King Henry VII of England, and Tudor's wife Mallt, daughter of Madoc of Hendwr). In 1471, Angharad was one of the "honourable ladies of the court of Margaret of Anjou", wife of King Henry VI. The only surviving letters from Margaret of Anjou were found in the roof of Emral Hall.

King Henry VI and Margaret of Anjou

They had 3 children:

  • Katrin (or Katherine), who died without issue
  • Margaret, who married Dafydd ap Ieuan ap Einion, Constable of Harlech Castle, Merionethshire, and
  • my 11 times great grandfather, Sir Roger Puleston.

John Puleston died in 1444. His will is dated 20 February 1443 and was proved in Bangor on 17 April 1444. A translation of his will appears on page 60 of The Story of a Quiet Country Parish by the Rev Sir Theophilus Henry Gresley Puleston, the fourth and last baronet of Emral (published by Roxburghe Press in 1895):

"In the name of God, Amen. On the twentieth day of February in the year of our Lord 1443, I, John de Pulleston, of sound mind and healthy memory and being sick in body, make my will in this manner. First I bequeath my soul to the omnipotent God and to the blessed Virgin His Mother and to all His Saints and my body to be buried in the Chapel of St Thomas the Martyr, at Emrall. Also I bequeath for the repair of the Parish Church of Bangor five shillings, also I bequeath for the repair of the Chapel of Owton [Overton] Madoc five shillings, also I bequeath for the repair of the Chapel of Worthenbre [Worthenbury] six shillings and eight pence. Also I bequeath to Margaret my daughter £20, also I bequeath to my daughter Katherine £20, to marry them. Also I bequeath to Sir Howell, Chaplain of Bangor two shillings and six pence, also I bequeath to John Syden, Chaplain of Worthenbre three shillings and fourpence, also I bequeath and give all the residue of my goods not before bequeathed to Angharat, the daughter of Griffith, my wife, and to Roger my son. Also I declare and make and appoint as my executors Angharat, daughter of Griffith, my wife, Margaret and Katherine my daughters, that they having God before their eyes may perform and fulfil in all respects this my present Will. And I also declare and appoint John Troubrake, Chamberlain of Chester, Griffith Hanner [Hanmer], Robert Trevor and Madoc ap Robert, overseers of my said Will that they may diligently see that my present Will is executed in due manner".

John's will was witnessed by Richard ap Madoc and others.


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