Details of my 15 times great grandparents, Sir Roger de Pyvelesdon of Emral, Worthenbury, Flintshire and his wife Margaret

My 15 times great grandfather, Sir Roger de Pyvelesdon, was the son of Sir Richard de Pyvelesdon of Emral, Worthenbury, Flintshire and his wife Agnes, daughter of Sir William (or Griffith) Warren of Warren Hall, Shropshire.

Roger married Margaret, daughter of Llewelyn ap Ynyr of Yale, Denbighshire (see the pedigree of Lloyd of Gloster in Burke's Landed Gentry).

Roger and Margaret had four children:

  • Sir John de Pyvelesdon, who married Angharad, daughter of Griffith Hanmer and granddaughter of Tudur ap Gronwy of Anglesey. They had a son Richard, who died childless.

  • my 14 times great grandfather, Sir Richard de Pyvelesdon, who inherited Emral from his father

  • Johanna and

  • Agnes, who married, first, Llewelyn ap Ednyfed and, secondly, Ieuan ap Madoc ap Llewelyn.

In 1322, Roger de Pyvelesdon petitioned King Edward II stating that he had captured the castle of Lion in Bromfield on 27 February after laying siege to it, but that it was badly lacking in supplies. He asked the King to have his officials in the area suitably provision it (National Archives Online Catalogue, Reference SC 8/66/3273). In response, on 6 March 1322 at Elford, the King issued the following order (Calendar of Close Rolls, Edward II, Volume 3, page 246):

"To Roger de Peuelesdon, keeper of the castle of Lion in Wales, in the King's hands for certain reasons. Order to cause the said castle to be provided with victuals and men."

The castle of Lion derived its name from the lion emblem above the gateway and is today known as Holt Castle.

Holt Castle

The Calendar of Close Rolls, Edward III, records the issue, at Alton on 24 November 1331, of an order to Edward de Bohum, Justice of North Wales. The order recited that, in the fourth year of his reign the King, at Griffin de la Pole's petition for justice, appointed John de Wisham, then Justice of North Wales, William de Botiller of Wemme, Roger de Peulesdon and Roger Karles to examine a claim by Griffin that John de Cherleton had ejected him from his lands at Deudor and Megheniskeyt in Powys. It also mentioned that Roger de Peulesdon, one of the justices, with the King's bailiff and the bailiffs of the Earl of Arundel and of Griffin ap Madok placed Griffin in seisin of those lands in accordance with the judgment given in Griffin's favour.

Sir Roger de Pyveledson died about 13 Edward III (1339/40).


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