Details of Sir Hamo de Pyvelesdon, my 21 times great grandfather

Hamo de Pyvelesdon is my earliest known Puleston ancestor. He is my 21 times great grandfather. He was alive in 1150 and lived in Pyvelesdon (now called Puleston), near Newport, Shropshire.

Hamo had a son, my 20 times great grandfather, Sir Roger de Pyvelesdon.

In 1191, Hamo was one of 12 Recognizors (jurors) in an assize of novel disseisin between Walter de Wetefelf and Robert de Huntingdon regarding land at Chesswell. In Michaelmas Term, 1 John (1200), Hamo de Pyvelesdon, with Adam de Chetwind, Peter de Eiton, Adam de Alarton, Philip de Butery, Walter d'Elpole and Pagan de Charenton (the surviving members of the jury in that case), were summoned to show in what manner that assize was taken (Placita in domo Cap. West., I John, volume x, page 25 and Placita, Trin. Tm., 2 John, m 20, referred to on pages 28 and 106 of Eyton's Salop).

On 18 June 1200, Hamo (together with Adam de Chetwind, Pagar de Cherinton and Adam de Alarton) was appointed as a Visor, to ascertain the validity of a claim of essoign de malo lecti, by which the Abbot of Lilleshall was avoiding the necessity of appearing in the Courts of Westminster by claiming to be confined to bed by sickness, which they found to be the case. The appointment as Visor was usually assigned only to Knights (Placita Trinity Term, 2 John, m 20, referred to on page 108 of Volume 8 of Eyton's Salop).

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