Details of my grandmother, Fanny Jane Puleston, daughter of Edward and Jane Puleston, wife of Robert Lloyd Jones 


My grandmother, Fanny Jane Puleston, was the third and youngest daughter of  Edward Puleston  and Jane Puleston (nee Francis).

Berth, Llanbedr DC, the home on Fanny's grandmother Mary Puleston, where Fanny was born.

Fanny was born at Berth, Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd, Denbighshire, Wales on 10 August 1864 and baptised in the parish church of Llanbedr DC on 28 August 1864:



In 1859, Fanny's parents emigrated to Nekimi Township, Winnebago County, Wisconsin, USA where their first daughter, Anna, was born in 1860. They returned to Wales some time before 5 March 1863, when their second daughter, Sarah, died at the Francis home at Maes-y-llan, Llanarmon-yn-Ial, Denbighshire.


In 1869, Fanny's parents emigrated to the USA once again, this time to the newly-established Welsh settlement at Arvonia, Osage County in North East Kansas. Arvonia is in the bottom left hand corner of this 1890 map of Osage County:


In the 1870 US Federal Census, Fanny, her parents and Anna are recorded as living in Arvonia and her age as 5. They are also recorded there in the 1875 Kansas State Census, where she is shown as age 10 and as "at school". Similarly in the 1880 US Federal Census for Arvonia, when Fanny's age is recorded as 15.

Fanny's father was a farmer. My father, her youngest son, Iago Oliver Puleston Jones, told me that (a) Fanny was an accomplished horsewoman and would ride an unbroken horse out into the prairies, returning to the farm with the horse only when the horse was broken in and (b) she met the legendary Annie Oakley (of "Annie get your Gun" fame).


Fanny trained to become a teacher at Kansas State Normal School, Emporia, Kansas, USA (now part of Emporia University).

The certificate awarded to Fanny in 1882 reads:


This certifies that Fannie [sic] J. Puleston has completed, with satisfaction and credit, a course in Kindergarten Instruction, which will enable her to conduct such a school successfully, as well as to better appreciate and superintend, or conduct any primary or intermediary work, in either public or private institutions.

Signed at Emporia, Kansas, this 7th day of June 1882

Rudolph B Welch, President State Normal School

[signature faded and illegible], Teacher of Kindergarten Methods

[signature faded and illegible], Principal of Training Department"



On 28 April 1883, when Fanny was only 18, and 7 1/2 months pregnant, she married in Seattle, King County, Washington Territory, USA, Lorenzo D Hultz. Two weeks after the marriage, Lorenzo deserted her in Seattle, leaving her penniless and with no means of support, thousands of miles from Kansas. Somehow she managed to get back to her parent's home in Kansas where, on 12 June 1883, her son, whom she named Lorenzo Puleston Hultz, was born. Whilst Lorenzo D Hultz admitted paternity of their son, he made no attempt to contact Fanny or their son and provided them with no maintenance - he did not even pay the costs of the wedding. As a result, Fanny and her son Lorenzo were compelled to live with Fanny's parents in Arvonia.

In 1885, the Kansas State census for Arvonia Township, Osage County (carelessly!) records Jane [changed to James!] Hultz (age 20, Female [changed to Male], White, Married, School Teacher, born Wisconsin (sic), from Wales) and Lorenzo P Hultz (age 1, Male, White, Single, born Kansas, from Kansas) living with Fanny's parents and sister, Edward, Jane and Anna Pulleston (sic), in Arvonia Township, Osage County, Kansas. 

On 9 March 1885, Fanny (referred in the divorce petition as Fannie Jane Hultz, and signing as such) filed a divorce petition in the Osage District Court in Lyndon (case number 2609). Her affidavit in support of the petition recites that:

  • Fanny had at all times behaved towards her husband as a faithful, affectionate and dutiful wife and had always been ready and willing to perform all her marital duties

  • she had obtained her husband's post office address and written to him numerous kind and affectionate letters, which she believed he had received, but to none of which he replied

  • she could not ascertain where her husband was, but, although her husband knew where she was, he refused to come to her when their son was born and refused to see his son, despite admitting paternity

  • her husband refused to pay the expenses of their marriage or to provide lodging, clothing or subsistence for her, and she had been compelled to, and had with the aid of her father's family, provided it for herself and her son

  • her son was much attached to her, and her husband was unfit to have the nurture, care or custody of their son - "Being a person of sound mind and body and a capable laborer, he has shown entire indifference for and want of affection toward said child and although well knowing its needs he has in no wise protected, nourished, fed or clothed it."

Fanny petitioned the court for a divorce, for custody of her son and for an order that she be restored to her maiden name, Fanny Jane Puleston. As Fanny had no money of her own, her father signed a bond for the court costs on 9 March 1885.

As Lorenzo D Hultz was not then resident in the State of Kansas, the petition could not be served on him. Instead, notice of the divorce petition was published in The Osage City Free Press on 1 March 1885 and for 2 consecutive weeks. Lorenzo did not defend the petition, so on 19 May 1885 the court granted Fanny a divorce, custody of her son and an order that she be restored to her maiden name.


On 13 October 1886, Fanny was one of six bridesmaids at the wedding (at their home, Oak Grove, Arvonia, Kansas) of her sister Anna to the Rev Griffith Jones. The list of wedding presents in The Emporia Democrat's report of the wedding on 20 October 1886 includes a scrap album from Fanny's son, Lorenzo.

When Fanny's parents left Arvonia in 1887, presumably Fanny and her son Lorenzo moved to live with them in their new home (possibly in Current Township, Texas County, Missouri, where her parents and her son are recorded in the 1900 US Federal Census).


Fanny's second husband was her first cousin, Robert Lloyd Jones. On 4 February 1889, Fanny and Robert, both then living in Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri, obtained a Marriage Licence from Platte County, Missouri (which lies to the north west of Jackson County). It appears from the Licence that they may have been married the same day, but it does not state when or where. It is not clear why they married in Platte County, rather than Jackson County. At that time, marriages were often performed in private homes, so it may have taken place at the home of a friend in Platte County.

The Lebo Light newspaper (published not far from Arvonia) reported:


It seems that their first son, Evan Robert Puleston Jones (known as "Roy"), was probably conceived on their wedding night, as he was born in Vine Street, Kansas City, Missouri on 7 October 1889.

Some time after Roy's birth and certainly by early 1891, Fanny, Robert and Roy left the US to live in Robert's home county of Merionethshire, Wales. Fanny's son Lorenzo did not go with them, but instead remained with his grandparents, Edward and Jane Puleston in the US. Maybe it was felt right that Lorenzo should remain in the US, especially as his grandparents had no doubt become very fond of him and were prepared to support him. Maybe, given the strict moral code of Victorian Merionethshire, Robert and Fanny did not wish their friends and neighbours in Bala to know about Fanny's disastrous first marriage nor of the child that she had conceived before that marriage.


In early 1891, the UK Census for Llanycil near Bala records Robert, Fanny, Roy and 2 servants living at Bodrenig, Arenig, the house built by Robert's father on his Arenig Estate:

  • Robert Ll Jones, 27, Auctioneer, Architect and Civil Engineer, born in Llanycil, Merionethshire, bilingual

  • Fannie J Jones, 26, born in Llanbedr, Denbighshire, bilingual

  • Evan R P Jones, 1, born in Missouri, USA

  • Jane Rees, 28, Widow, General Domestic Servant, born in Llandrillo, Merionethshire, bilingual and

  • Edward Davies, 47, Single, Stone Quarryman, born in Llangower, Merionethshire, bilingual - presumably he worked in the nearby Arenig granite quarry owned by Robert's father.

Robert is categorised as "neither employer nor employed", so was presumably self-employed but with no staff. The enumerator of the census wrongly assumed that Robert and his family were related to the previous household recorded in the census, with the result that the relationships are incorrectly stated in the census.


Their stay at Bodrenig must have been brief as, before the birth of their second son Norman on 12 June 1891, Fanny, Robert and Roy moved to Mount Place, Bala.

In the 1901 Census for Llanycil, Bala, Merionethshire, Wales, the family was living at 12 Mount Street, Bala and Fanny's profession is described as a Photographer.

Robert and Fanny had 14 children - for details, see Robert Lloyd Jones


Fanny died at her home in Mount Place, Bala, Merionethshire, Wales on 22 June 1909, age 44, of "Ulceration of Stomach. Perforation".  Entry number 1469 in the Burials Register for Llanycil Parish (now in the Gwynedd Archives at Dolgellau) records the burial of Fanny Puleston Jones, Mount Place on 26 June 1909, age 44 years, certified by Robert Evans. There is a cross in the margin, possibly indicating that she is buried at Christ Church, Bala, rather than in the graveyard of Llanycil Parish Church on the shores of Bala Lake. However, I have been unable to find her gravestone in either place.

Amazingly, Fannie's death was even reported in a newspaper published near her childhood home in Kansas. On 30 July 1909, the Lebo Star reported:



In the 1900 US Federal Census for Council Bluffs City, Kane Township, Pottawamie County, Iowa, Lorenzo D Hultz (age 43, born in September 1856 in Pennsylvania [not Ohio, as mentioned in the 1910 US Federal Census for Vollmer Town - see the next two paragraphs], bartender, both of whose parents were born in Pennsylvania) is recorded with a wife of 11 years called Emma (age 39, born in August 1860 in Ohio, childless, both of whose parents were born in Pennsylvania). I have found no further record of either Lorenzo D Hultz or Emma.

Sue Dryer, a distant relation of Lorenzo Dow Hultz, tells me that he was the son of Isaac and Catherine Bower Hultz and was born in September 1856 in Upper St Clair, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, USA, a southern suburb of Pittsburgh. Sue says that Lorenzo was:

"the second son of four children, having an older brother Isaac Webster called "Webb", a younger brother George McClelland, and a younger sister Martha Jane. Some time between 1863 and 1880, the family went to farm in Osage, Barclay, Kansas. Both of Lorenzo's parents are buried in the Reading Cemetery there.....

After the [dissolution of his] marriage to Fanny, Lorenzo went to Iowa where both of his brothers were living. He settled and died in Council Bluffs, Pottawamie, Iowa. I don't know the exact date of his death but there are city directories for him, both as Lorenzo D and as Dow L, until 1908, and usually he's listed as a bartender [as indeed he was in the 1900 census]. His [second] wife, Emma Rhodes, who married him in Iowa in 1889, lists herself as "Emma Hultz, widow of Lorenzo D" starting in 1915. Some think he died in 1909 but I don't have absolute proof of it. They had no children."

The 1860 census for Upper St Clair Township records Lorenzo's father as a farmer, age 33, with real estate worth $3,000 and personal estate worth $700.



After Fanny remarried and moved back to Wales, her son Lorenzo Puleston Hultz stayed in the US and lived with Jane's parents, Edward and Jane Puleston. He continued to live with Jane even after she moved to Idaho in 1910 to live with her daughter, Anna, and when they all moved to Alva, Crook County, Wyoming in 1917. When Jane died in 1922, Lorenzo continued to lived with Anna and her husband, Griffith Jones. Lorenzo remained in Alva with his aunt Anna until her death in 1948.

The 1900 US Federal Census for Current Township, Texas County, Missouri, shows Fanny and Lorenzo's son, Lorenzo Puleston Hultz (grandson of Edward Puleston, at school, age 16, born in June 1883 in Kansas, whose father was born in Ohio), living with Fanny's parents, Edward and Jane Puleston.

The 1910 US Federal Census for Vollmer Town, Cold Springs, Nez Perce County, Idaho, shows Fanny and Lorenzo's son, Lorenzo Puleston Hultz (Nephew of Griffith Jones, Laborer at Lumber Co., aged 26 and born in Kansas, whose father was born in Ohio) living with Griffith Jones (Head of household, schoolteacher, married for 22 years, aged 48, born in Wales, no children), Anna M Jones (Wife of Griffith, freelance News Paper Writer working from home, married for 22 years, aged 48, born in Wisconsin, no children) and Jane Puleston (Mother-in-law of Griffith, aged 79, born in Wales, 3 children of which 1 living). Anna was Jane's second daughter and Fanny's elder sister.

My father, Fanny's youngest son, Iago, told me that, when Iago was young, Lorenzo visited Iago and his family in Wales.

The World War I Draft Registration Card for Lorenzo Puleston Hultz shows him as a Farmer living in Crook County, Wyoming, USA. He was of medium build and height, and had brown eyes and black hair.

The 1940 US Federal Census for Alva, Crook County, Wyoming records Lorenzo, aged 58, living with his aunt Anna, aged 79. On 5 August 1948, the Sundance Times's column on Alva reported:


Lorenzo Puleston Hultz died on 23 December 1975 and was buried in Harmony Cemetery, Long Lane, Dallas County, Missouri, USA (5 miles south of Long Lane, on Highway B, on the left side of the road beside the church). 


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