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January 2016 - As you can see, I have not mentioned any major updates for over 4 years. However, during that time, there have been lots of minor additions, as I have discovered more about my Puleston ancestors. Over the last year, I have been searching digitised newspapers on the internet, mainly British newspapers but also some from Kansas and Wyoming. As a result, I have found a great deal of interesting information and have added screenshots of relevant articles to the webpages dealing with my grandparents, Robert Lloyd Jones and Fanny Jane Puleston, and my great grandparents, Evan Jones, Mary Ann Puleston, Edward Puleston and Jane Francis. I even managed to find newspaper articles referring to my great great grandfather John Puleston, who died in 1850.

In addition, I have included photos of various entries of baptisms, marriages and burials, and well as some census reports. 

September 2011 - following a visit from my cousin Dilwyn Puleston Jones and further research at Gwynedd Archives in Dolgellau, I have added much information and many photos to the pages regarding my grandfather Robert Lloyd Jones, his father Evan Jones and Evan's father Robert Jones. I have also added to my Home Page a photo of the exterior of the Town Hall at Portmeirion, which incorporates the ballroom and several other architectural elements from Emral Hall.

October 2009 - we are delighted that Simon and Stephanie have produced our first grandchild, Rosemary Alexandra Puleston Jones - a 26th generation on my Puleston family tree.

I have also added 2 new pages showing my descent from William the Conqueror and other English kings and from the ancient Welsh princes.

September 2009 - my wife and I have just returned from a holiday in Wisconsin and Missouri, USA, partly to do some research on my great grandparents, Edward Puleston and Jane Francis, who lived in Wisconsin in 1859-60 and in Missouri from 1898 to 1910. We also found the licence for the 1889 marriage of my grandparents Robert Lloyd Jones and Fanny Jane Puleston in Platte County, Missouri.

March 2009 - following a very successful recent visit to the National Library of Wales at Aberystwyth, I have added the results of our research there to several pages, especially that relating to Richard and Catherine Puleston and John and Mary Puleston - including details of John's will.

January 2009 - I have added to the pages relating to Roger de Pyvelesdon, Sir Richard de Pyvelesdon and Sir Roger de Pyvelesdon details of entries relating to them in the Calendars of Close Rolls or Charter Rolls in the reigns of Kings Edwards I, II and III.

December 2008 - I have added at the end of the page on Robert Lloyd Jones a translation (kindly provided to me by my distant cousin Rosalind Couchman, a descendant of the Pulestons of Hafod y Wern,  and her colleague) of the report of his funeral in the Welsh-language newspaper Y Seren.

July 2008 -  I have added to the pages relating to the earliest Pulestons (Hamo etc.) details of several documents witnessed by them and mentioned in Eyton's book The Antiquities of Shropshire.

May 2008 - I have added to my Emral Photo Gallery 9 photos of Emral kindly sent to me by Joanna Owens, nee Puleston.

April 2008 - I have added to the page on Fanny Jane Puleston an old photo of the (now-demolished) Kansas State Normal School at Emporia, Kansas where she studied to become a kindergarten teacher in 1882.

March 2008 - I have added at the end of my 2 photo galleries a few extra photos, mainly kindly sent to me by my distant cousin, Joanna Owens, nee Puleston.

January 2008 - I have added several morepages, resulting in a page for each of my known direct Puleston ancestors, back to my 21 times great grandfather Hamo de Pyvelesdon of Pyvelesdon (now called Puleston), near Newport, Shropshire, who was alive in 11 50.

December 2007 - I have added:

November 2007 -  Following a day researching in the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth,  I have added:

October 2007 - I have added a new page about my ancestor (20 generations ago), Sir Roger de Pyvelesdon, Sheriff of Anglesey and Constable of Caernarvon Castle from 1284 until 1294, when he was lynched by Welsh rebels objecting to taxes he was trying to collect on behalf of King Edward I of England.

August 2007 -
I have added captions to the Photos of Emral Hall.

July 2007 - I have just added to the family tree on the second page of this website the marriage of our elder son, Simon, to his beautiful fiancee Stephanie on 21 July 2007 at St Giles's Church, Shipbourne, followed by a wedding reception in the Baron's Hall at Penshurst Place. We are looking forward to adding another generation in due course!

April 2007 - My wife and I spent 9 extremely productive days in Kansas and Missouri, USA, earlier this Spring and 2 equally productive days in Dolgellau, Wales, researching a number of my ancestors. We even found the farm in Arvonia, Kansas,owned by my great grandfather, Edward Puleston, from 1869 to 1887 and walked on it - an amazing experience. Most of the enormous amount of information we discovered (too much to list in full below) has been added to my website, especially the following pages:

  • Robert Lloyd Jones - at last, I discovered a record of his burial - also several letters written by him in the 1900s
  • Fanny Puleston - details of her disastrous first marriage and divorce
  • Evan Jones - details of his work as an Alderman, Vice-Chairman and Chairman of Merioneth County Council - also of some of his dealings as auctioneer
  • Mary Ann Puleston - some documents to which she was a party
  • Edward Puleston and Jane Francis - their home in Wisconsin in 1860 - a huge amount of information about their life in Arvonia, Kansas from 1869 to 1887 - Edward's death and burial in 1903
  • John Puleston - some information regarding his will
  • Robert and Jane Jones - Jane's baptism, their marriage and their burials .

February 2007 - I have added the following:

  • Robert Lloyd Jones - his family's entry in the 1891 census for Llanycil, and details of plans prepared by, and other documents relating to, him and deposited at the Gwynedd County Record Office in Dolgellau.
  • Fanny Puleston - the results of research on www.ancestry.com into her first husband, Lorenzo D Hultz.
  • Evan Jones - a summary of his will and the counsel's opinion obtained as a result of its uncertain meaning.

July 2006 - Following a visit to the Denbighshire Record Office at Ruthin, I have added a new page relating to Edward Puleston (1757-1828) and Jane Jones (1758-1834), the parents of John Puleston. I have also added more details (from the Parish registers of Treuddyn Parish Church) to the pages regarding John Jones and Anne Davis, and their daughter Mary Jones.

April 2006 - Following a recent visit to the National Library of Wales and studying the censuses for 1841 to 1901, I have added more information and three extra pages to this website. The main changes are:

  • Robert Lloyd Jones - details of him and his family from the Censuses for Llanycil, Bala, Merionethshire, Wales
  • Evan Jones - details of him and his family from the Censuses for Llanycil
  • John Puleston and Mary Jones - details of land occupied by John at Plas Newydd from the 1838 Tithe Schedules and of the family's entries in the 1841 and 1851 Censuses
  • Robert and Jane Jones - a completely new page, about the parents of Evan Jones, who married Mary Ann Puleston in 1861
  • Thomas and Sarah Francis - a completely new page, about the parents of Jane Francis, who married Edward Puleston in 1858
  • John Jones and Anne Davis - a completely new page, about the parents of Mary Jones, who married John Puleston.  


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