Details of my great great grandparents, Robert and Jane Jones, the parents of Evan Jones

My great great grandfather, Robert Jones, was born in Trawsfynydd, Merionethshire about 1800. The Baptism Register for Trawsfynydd (now in Gwynedd Archives, Dolgellau) records the baptism on 29 September 1801 of Robert, son of Richard and Anne Jones. This seems the most likely record, as the 2 previous Robert Jones baptisms are in 1798, too early.

St Madryn's Parish Church, Trawsfynydd, where Robert Jones was baptised in 1801.

Entry number 83 in the Marriage Register for Ffestiniog Parish Church (also at Dolgellau) records that Robert Jones, bachelor, and Jane Jones, spinster, were married there on 24 December 1825 by John Jones, Rector, in the presence of Cadwalader Jones and Elinor Thomas. Jane, the daughter of William and Margaret Jones, was baptised, along with her sister Catherine, at St Michael's Church, Ffestiniog on 15 August 1802.

St Michael's Church, Ffestiniog, was built about 1847 and replaced the one in which Jane Jones was baptised in 1802.


Their first son, John, was born about 1827, according to the 1841 census, but I cannot find his baptism.

Their second son, Evan, my great grandfather, was born in Bala on 1 February 1830 and baptised in Llanycil Parish Church on 14 February 1830.

Their first daughter was baptised Catherine in Llanycil on 2 June 1832.

Their second daughter, Jane, was born about 1835, according to the 1841 census, but I cannot find her baptism.

Their youngest child was baptised Robert in Llanycil on 5 October 1838.


The above oil painting is inscribed on the back "The Ruins of Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire. Drawn by Rt. Jones, Mason, January 4 1834" and once belonged to Evan Robert Puleston Jones, the grandson of my great great grandfather Robert Jones, who was a builder and mason. It seems likely therefore that it was painted by my great great grandfather. Was it his professional interest as a stonemason that led him to paint this charming view of the ruins?


In the 1841 Census for Llanykil, Jane and her 5 children are recorded living in High Street, Bala, Merionethshire on the night of the Census (6 June 1841):

  • Jane Jones, age 35 (sic), bonnet maker
  • John Jones, age 14
  • Evan Jones, age 11
  • Catherine Jones, age 9
  • Jane Jones, age 6
  • Robert Jones, age 2

Presumably Jane's husband, Robert Jones, was away on the night of that Census. He was not in Merionethshire and, as the 1841 Census only recorded the county of birth of a person if it was in the same county as the Census district in which that person was on the night of the Census, it is impossible to find him elsewhere.




In the 1851 Census for Llanycil, Bala, Robert, Jane and the 4 youngest children are recorded living in High Street, Bala on the night of the Census (30 March 1851):

  • Robert Jones, age 51, painter and mason, born Trawsfynydd, Merionethshire
  • Jane Jones, age 51, born Festiniog, Merionethshire
  • Evan Jones, age 21, house painter, born Bala
  • Catherine, age 19, dressmaker, born Bala
  • Jane, age 16, seamstress, born Bala
  • Robert, age 12, scholar, born Bala

Presumably their son John had left home by then, perhaps married. their daughter Catherine died on 15 November 1853, aged 32 and is buried at Christ Church, Bala.




In the 1861 Census for Bala, taken on the night of 7 April 1861, Robert, Jane and their 2 youngest children are living in the High Street, Bala, next to their son Evan and his new wife Mary:

  • Robert Jones, age 61, builder, born Trawsfynydd, Merionethshire

  • Jane Jones, age 62, born Festiniog, Merionethshire

  • Jane Jones, age 24, born Bala

  • Robert Jones, age 22, painter, born Bala.


Whilst there appears to be a discrepancy in Jane's age between the 1841 Census (age 35), the 1851 Census (age 51) and the 1861 Census (age 62), this may be because, in the 1841 Census, the Census enumerators were only required to record the ages of adults to the nearest 5 years.




Entry number 179 in the Burials Register for Llanycil records the burial of Robert Jones, Bala on 7 April 1866, age 67 at Christ Church, Bala, the service being performed by L Lewis, Curate. Entry number 242 records the burial of Jane Jones, High Street, Bala on 17 April 1868, age 66 at Christ Church, Bala.



The inscription on their gravestone reads: "In memory of Catherine, daughter of Robert and Jane Jones, Builder, died November 15 1853, aged 32. Also the above named Robert Jones died April 7 1866 aged 67. Also the above named Jane Jones died April 17 1869 aged 66"




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